I am Regi, of Dutch nationality and of Indonesian descent. I have been a fully qualified practitioner of various forms of interrelated massage since 1996. This has been part of my lifetime vocation as I have been practicing since I was a child. I have very fond memories of being shown the magic and art from my grandfather. I believe I have inherited a natural touch from a long line of ancestry.

This has also been crystalized and complemented with robust professional and academic study. Post qualifying, I have worked extensively in a wide range of settings to a varied demography of people. This has included, health spas, nursing homes, clinics, and private practices and cruise liners.
In 2007 I received an award for my ‘Excellent Services on Princess Cruises.’ In 2010 I was promoted to the shore-side office in Miami and had the pleasure and responsibility of cascading advanced training to the professional staff team. The skills, ethical considerations, philosophies and practices were based upon a plethora of converging schools of massage as well as other complimentary therapies. In all, I have trained hundreds of therapists and delivered thousands of massages.
After years of being a student in the art, in 2014, I decided to widen my professional portfolio and became a teacher of Yoga. I traveled to and stayed in India to complete this. I then spent the best part of a year upgrading my Thai Massage skills in Thailand and left as an affiliated teacher of TMC: the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. I now teach the TMC curriculum and Reiki at About Balance in Brighton, East Sussex. U.K.

As far as I can remember I have always had the goal of wanting to support people in their healing, growth and development. I believe I achieve this with my attitude, sense of ethics and the wide skill base I synthesize into my bodywork and alignment practice.


Regi Rompies

Thai Massage Teacher | Reiki Master | 200 RYT Yoga Teacher | Registered Thai Therapist | AquaWellness Liquid Bodyworker | Life Coach | Bodyworker


Regi is a true professional Massage therapist that quickly recognises problematic areas and applies appropriate techniques to bring a fast relief. His knowledge, experience and authentic concern make him a highly desired expert. I would also recommend Regi as a Thai Massage trainer – patience, dedication and precision make his trainings a high quality learning experience.

Ewa Długołęcka

If you need a massage, I highly recommend you go to Regi. His massages are awesome in so many ways. I can tell you all about it, but my advice would be to go and experience one. Regi is a very skilled massage therapist and his love for: travelling the world, people and yoga make the perfect combination for creating massage magic. I’ve been to a lot of massage parlors and have experienced a lot of good (and also a few not so good) massages in my life. What makes Regi stand out from the rest are his allround skills and his natural way of being that translates in a natural way of giving the massages. So, if you are in for a good massage? Contact Regi.

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Regi is one of the best masseurs I have ever experienced. He works intuitively, but with so much knowledge of his craft. It’s a powerful combination, and one that I will always return for when I can track him down!

Tim Ellis

I took a foot reflexology course with Regi a couple of months ago.
Regi knows indeed how to create a pleasant and fun atmosphere to learn serious things. I had great fun learning A LOT in a short time!
The course was focusing on the practice itself, with of course taking into account some theoritical aspects. Cause isnt it mainly through the practice that we can developp some skills as a massage therapist? Through this course, we experienced, we practiced, practiced more, in order to get the basic that will help us to grow towards more professionalism.
Concerning the theory, Regi provided us copies of books with some visual elements to make things clearer; No time wasted in trying to take notes… We went through all the notes with verbal explanations from him.
Regi was always open to answer questions and clarify doubts.
He seemed enthousiastic to share his knowledge, always with a smile. I was very happy to receive from him, I keep a great memory of this course. I totally recommend it! and again: Thanks Regi!

Jayanti Tamby

Contact Regi H.Y.A.T

Call or text +917590052346 or e-mail info@regirompiesmassage.com to make an appointment.Regi is always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of the treatments or training available.
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